The Freedom of the Press Barons in Haiti by Isabel Macdonald
The media and the 2004 Haiti coup

Invisible Violence: Ignoring murder in post-coup Haiti by Jeb Sprague

The Lancet, Haiti and the manufacture of controversy
by Dru Oja JayThe Dominion

How To Write About Haiti by Ansel Herz

Parachute Journalism in Haiti by Isabel Macdonald

Debunking The Media's Lies About President Aristide by Justin Felux

Authors of Lancet Medical Journal Haiti article face intimidation campaign by Jeb Sprague and Joe Emersberger

Letters the SF Chronicle Refused to Publish
The San Francisco Chronicle did not run a single letter in response to their biased article, "New president in Haiti liberates citizens with crackdown on crime." So we are.

US Reporting on the Coup in Haiti: How to Turn a Priest into a Cannibal by Diana Barahona
When Haiti's wealthy elites removed President Jean Bertrand Aristide from office in a February 2004 coup, they had the help of the Bush administration, as well as that of the French and Canadian governments. But they also had help from the US press.

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